About Us

About Us

DIGITAL MALL is an innovative online-store platform that helps small businesses to sell their products and services. A lot of small businesses do not have their website or online store, and they often just sell things on Facebook or WhatsApp.

We are dedicated to help small and medium entrepreneurs digitize their businesses. We understand that many businesses have limited online presence, if any at all, and we aim to change that.

Our mission is to revolutionize the traditional business model by providing personalized e-store with most relevant Tech Tools.

We work with our partners to help them grow their businesses, while also contributing to the economic uplift of Pakistan.

Join us and be part of the revolution!


Every business owner faces the biggest question before starting an online business,


To answer this question, loads of time and effort is required even before one could focus on the core business itself.
We understand your situation, as you face 3 choices:



  • Assess & buy a domain/ hosting package
  • Hire a developer for a customized platform
  • Payment gateway solution
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Dedicated resource for maintenance
  • CRM & related challenges


  • E-commerce aggregators/marketplace can offer an end-to-end solutions/platform but provide limited operational support.
  • Business needs to manage it on their own or get support from third party to setup & periodic updates.
  • What you don’t get is Direct Customer Interaction & Speedy Response!


  • An end to end Service provider that offers a Tech Stack and takes all the responsibility to provide you with THE SOLUTION!
  • “From setup to post-launch support, All through Whatsapp”
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Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the local and traditional businesses with the international market through the digital network / platform and contributing towards their success.

Our Vision

We help Professionals, Startups , SMEs, Associations, and Universities increase their impact and revenue by creating deeper connections with their audiences.

Our Driving Force

What we offer is driven by our Core Value of “Ease of Everything”.

Easy to Create I Easy to Sustain I Easy on Pocket

We understand that you need an easy-going online ordering system on the website and/or Mobile app  that could let you process and deliver your customers efficiently without having reliance on the 3rd party service providers (the aggregators).

Our technological suite would give you an opportunity to choose from a bouquet of service tools with an option to “Pick & Choose” which means you choose only the tools that you need and we will build it for you. That’s where it is EASY TO CREATE

You share your Updated Information (content, images etc.) via Whatsapp and we shall do the rest. So let it be updating the product listings, catalogues, offer and promotional packages we will reflect it on your platform along with Fit-to-Budget advertising and marketing solutions. That’s where we make it EASY TO SUSTAIN

A complete tech stack end to end solution providing an opportunity to boost your revenues and customer base at a very reasonable price, that’s where we make it EASY ON POCKET A Subsidiary of YS Consultants

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