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What is website management and why is it so important?

What is website management?

Website management refers to maintaining, updating and supervising different aspects of a website, resulting in smooth operations, high functionality and a user-friendly experience. This process can include technical, administrative or content modifications and helps to keep the website running smoothly and effectively for both the business and the user.

What is included in website management?

Keeping a website running optimally can mean different things to different businesses depending on their visions and targets. However, there are a number of critical components which are involved in the web management process. These components could include:

Web design

Website managers might also handle the design and layout of the website working with designers to make the site visually appealing and add features such as branding.

Technical maintenance

This service involves monitoring the website’s performance and implementing necessary updates which can improve the website’s usability and speed. This process might also include website security.


Web managers often take the responsibility of optimizing the website structure, content and metadata in order to improve search engine results and improve SEO. This might include tasks such as keyword research, website analysis and driving organic traffic.

Content creation and updates

This will include tasks such as adding, editing and removing new or existing content such as website copy, text, imagery, video or other forms of media to keep the website engaging, relevant and up-to-date.

Analytics and reports

Monitoring all the changes and updates is crucial to improving a marketing strategy and the success of a website. By using analytics and data, website managers can then track user behaviors and assign themselves relevant tasks.

The importance of website management

Website management can offer a number of benefits to both a business and a user. Beyond the most obvious benefit of having a fully functioning website, there is also a range of other benefits this service has to offer.

  • Prepares for future growth and business developments
  • Evolves websites and services
  • Helps to avoid costly downtime and technical mistakes
  • Boosts brand awareness
  • Improves usability
  • Cost-effective solution for online business

How to implement website management

Improving web management doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, this service is quite simple to carry out and can result in long-lasting, effective results. Here are some key things to consider when implementing website management.

Choosing a content management system

One of the first steps when investing in website management is finding an appropriate CMS that meets your business needs and can offer all the features required. A successful CMS allows you to refine and improve the customer journey, produce high-quality content and plan and launch new website activity for marketing campaigns.

For more on CMS, have a read through our blog on what is a content management system.

Identifying key problems

The majority of a website will be well designed and optimized while other areas could lack in technical quality or content. When first handling content management, prioritization is key. Consider questions such as what are the main concerns with the website. Are processes taking too long? What can I take away from analytics and data? By identifying areas which need improvements, you can then go through and priorities work to ensure work is being carried out efficiently.

Consider business growth

Considering the future of a business should be a thought in any manager’s or CEO’s mind, and this is particularly important when it comes to web management and digital systems. Make sure to invest and consider tools and technology which are easily scalable, and adaptable and will serve your business for years to come.

Create a content schedule

Creating content can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re starting from scratch with a website or have complete freedom in what can be created. Making a solid plan will underline all the major goals and objectives, keep marketing teams in the loop and create an organised approach to web management. This schedule will be created based on targets, keywords and audience research.

Website Management by Digital mall

Whether we built your website or you had it built elsewhere, we offer simple website management packages that support your business as it grows.

From simple maintenance and protection from cyber threats to tweaks and fixes to an existing website, our website management packages are ideal.

Our support and maintenance plans help you relax in the knowledge that a team of experts are looking after your website, but also give you the ability to build new features and have changes carried out quickly, in an organized fashion.

Get in touch with our team to discuss your plans or request a free quote!

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