What is the Difference Between an eStore and an Online Store?

Selling products, whether online or offline may seem an easy task at first, but when you dig in, there is an ocean of information to deal with for managing it efficiently. There are many ways to sell products in this customer-centric business world. Based on the likes, current market, and business interests, it is you who needs to decide the mode of selling. In this blog we will be discussing about the difference between an eStore and an online store as well as the necessary information you must know regarding both the selling options.

What is the difference between an eStore and an online store?

The ideaology behind both, an eStore and an online store is the same; sell products or services to the customers in need. An eStore or an electronic store is a physical or brick and mortar store with some technical improvements and an online store is a platform/ store/ website that is dedicated for selling products or services online. The technical improvements in the eStore may include IT services, virtual services, and so on. The eStore may be anything that a retailer sells online and the audience may be limited for the same. For instance if a brick and mortar store is accepting order through a phone call and delivering the same in the nearby locations, it can be termed as an eStore. On the other hand an online store is a platform that sells goods and services to customers around the globe. Below is a table that can help you with getting a better understanding of the differences between an eStore and an online store:

DifferenceseStoreOnline Store
Orders acceptedFrom specific locationsFrom around the globe
PaymentLimited to the eStore locationWorldwide payment options
ShippingLocal shipping optionsGlobal shipping options
Products or ServicesVary with the availabilitySpecific to a particular niche
Mode of orderingCalls, emails, etc.Direct ordering through store
Secure payment & deliveryDepends on the retailer serviceAssured security with a secure store link
Customer serviceLimited until order deliveryDynamic service even after order delivery

Which is the right choice for successful selling of products or services?

As shown above, the benefits of selling online with an online store are more than an eStore. Following are a few reasons that would convince you to sell online with an online store:

  1. An eStore would gain less visibility and hence lower selling options as compared to an online store.
  2. The number of customers for an eStore is limited to the location it serves.
  3. The chances of finding new customers are significantly low with an eStore which is otherwise possible with an online store.
  4. The eStore has limited products or services, whereas an online store can sell unlimited products or services to customers from around the globe.
  5. An eStore business model is not customer-centric which considered as a major drawback in the competitive ecommerce market.
  6. The product information is limited in an eStore while in an online store; you can get the detailed specifications to make an informed buying decision.
  7. An eStore does not have the facility to get customer feedback that is most essential for the development of the business.
  8. The services of an eStore are limited to the operating time of the retail store while in an online store, a customer can purchase products, ask queries, get customer support, and get deliveries round the clock.


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